Allows Windows 98SE to correctly report the friendly name of newer processors.



This patch directly replaces the Microsoft Hotfix SYSDM.CPL 4.10.2224 issued for Windows 98SE.
Hotfixes are cumulative, so the official 4.10.2224 version (which has good changes) also inherits the changes (bad changes) of 4.10.2223.
This unofficial version (4.10.2225) contains the fixes from 4.10.2224; removes the changes of 4.10.2223; and modifies the CPU naming routine to use the CPU friendly ID when possible.

Note: Pentium IV and Pentium D CPU's friendly names are right-justified, leading to the odd alignment. Blame Intel. Other models are not affected as such.

More info - KB216204 - SYSDM.CPL v. 4.10.2223.
More info - KB272620 - SYSDM.CPL v. 4.10.2224.

Click here to download SYSDMCPL.

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